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Arguably one of the best trailers for 2017, especially with a masterful and appropriate use of Johnny Cash.

I didn’t like the first Wolverine standalone, but the second one sort of grew on me. Now I am getting exciting about the third and final installment.

James Mangold is a rather talented director who has made one of my favorite Westerns, 3:10 to Yuma better than even the original. Let’s hope that Logan keeps the R rating and sprints with it into bleak disparity and lonesome abandon. It is unfortunate that Cliff Mansell dropped out of scoring the music though. Also, anyone else get the Last if Us vibes?

Picked Up Fallout 4

People like to pick apart Fallout 4 like their life depends on it, but I can’t recommend it enough. It’s immersive and filled with stuff to do. Just make sure you have enough spare time to spend on it.

I’m really enjoying Fallout 4, I know it’s been talked about to death all over on other websites but if you’re looking for a great single player game on ps4 I’d recommend it.

That is if you like FPS games with minimal RPG elements.

Kingdom Hearts 2.8 Delayed to January 2017

My story goes like this: I bought KH1 and 2 when they came out!

KH2 broke so I bought it again. I then bought both collections for PS3.

Now they are preparing to take my money again for a third time.

I think it’s bizarre that they release 2.8 in January before they release 1.5+2.5 in March 2017. But then Kingdom Hearts isn’t exactly known for making sense.

Girls Can’t Game

A lot of guys are surprised that girls can game. Sort of like it is impossible to fathom why they would want to in the first place.

This comic from XKCD is a good example of their impression of girl games:

The comic reveals discriminating jargon against women when doing tasks such as mathematics. When a guy does something wrong, it’s his own mistake. When a girl does something wrong, it is taken as a confirmation that girls are inferior.

Where Are Our Female Protagonists?

I felt really conflicted about the Tomb Raider when it was released.

For me, there are four different types of female characters in video games. One, obvious eye candy, two, obviously girly (Barbie, for example), three, gender doesn’t really matter (pokemon girl trainer), and four, characters like Tomb Raider.

I wouldn’t say Tomb Raider is totally devoid of eye candy (even Conan O’Brien was commenting on the awkward camera angles), and the nearly rape scenes near the beginning made me think. Would they have done it if it was a male lead?

I don’t want to focus just on that scene, and maybe I’m a bit more sensitive than others when it comes to it, but this is what I thought.

Would the game have been any less if they left it out? Lara simply gets captured without getting her face caressed, then caught without groping hands. My answer is no. The captors already seem “evil” enough, willing to kill innocent people, even without the threat of rape. So for me, that scene was mostly used to emphasizes the vulnerability of being female. It’s very humanizing, in a way, because as you say, it’s a very realistic scenario. But at the same time, I wonder how many people (of both genders) took it as gratuitous fan service?

This bring me to the next thought: a lot of people praise Tomb Raider as an example of not only a strong, female protagonist, but also as a very human character. She has her strengths and weaknesses, and you can see her struggle to stay strong and survive. I would go as far as to say that it’s her “femininity” that makes her so strong, but weak at the same time.

I agree with you. She’s not scared, per se, but she does have doubts about her survival. Can you imagine Indiana Jones shivering in the cold, wondering if he’ll survive the night? James Bond? Nope, cuz you know they’ll make it through. They’re written that way.

But do we really want a female James Bond who doesn’t seduce enemies with her feminine wiles and degrade into fan service? Let’s say we do have something like that. She won’t be supermodel skinny or super booby. She’ll be cool and collected, capable and efficient. Not show anger or emotion, really, she won’t be an irrational ball of emotion that women are always accused of being.

But how will this differ from being t he girl pokemon trainer? Would it matter at all if the protagonist was male or female?

I’m conflicted about that.

Side story: was in game store before the Tomb Raider launch. Dad comes in with 6-8 year old son. Makes joke about Tomb Raider being “top heavy”. All the guys laugh. Son doesn’t get it. He keeps bugging them to explain the “joke”.

I’ve hung out with enough guys to know these jokes, kind of like racist jokes, are not likely to disappear. And really, most of the time, it’s not intended to be offensive. What I found offensive was that it was told in public, and passed onto a child, kinda perpetuating the Tomb Raider stereotype. Would they ever play the game? Perhaps. But probably not for the same reason.

I think another question is, will the gaming community respect female protagonists? I think they’re acknowledged just fine, just not in the way we’d like.

The new Lara Croft (2018) movie may do some to fix this. They have gone on record as saying that the reboot which will be darker like other reboots Batman Begins (2005), Casino Royale (2006), Man of Steel (2013). Lara Croft will be a much darker, more realistic incarnation of the iconic video game character and she may not have the big breasts, in order to make her a more believable character. It’s possible that Lara in the reboot may not have the signature big breasts.

Blade Runner: 2049

When I first heard that one of my all time favorite films was being given a *sequel… I, well… raged.

That’s obvious right?

But when that ended and the confirmation of Denis Villeneuve and Sir Ridley Scott being attached I was safely curious.

Then to solidify my interest and support, one of my top 10 actors, Ryan Gosling hopped on board, and then a whole slew of people I love joined: Roger Deakins, Jared Leto, Dave Bautista, Ana de Armas, and more! No way it will fail. I’m just wondering if it’ll surpass the original now?

I can’t wait for Bladerunner: 2049.

I Sort Of Agree

Before I continue I should say that I don’t play 1v1 any more. I still play SC2 occasionally but only the other mods, not the 1v1.

Still I find it a harsh thing to say that StarCraft 2 has fallen as an eSport.

I went in ready to hate on it, but its not actually THAT bad.

The article obviously skips out on some of the more nuanced reasons for the decilne, but I think it does a good job in hitting on the major points. Mainly, Blizzard’s lag/indecision to do much of anything. Plus the rise of MOBAs, the initial exclusion of Kespa, matchfixing scandals, and the dominance of Koreans and mis-organization of the Korean scene.

Ok sure, Sons of Starcraft did us no favours. And Quantic and LYGF weren’t great. But to an average journalist, those are small potatoes in the timeline of SC2. Even moreso to an average esports/video game fan.

Despite the click bait title, the BEST part of this article, is that it ends with uncertain optimism. That’s pretty refreshing.

But a number of games would kill to be in the position SC2 is in. Any Fighting Game Community game would absolutely love to have SC2’s tournament variety and prize pools.

That’s absolutely right! StarCraft 2 is not #1 at the moment, and that’s due to many reasons. But it’s still HUGE in the big picture.