Gamer Baby Shower, It Has To Be Coed

When you get asked to host a co-ed baby shower the chances that you will make it about games is pretty high, especially when the majority of guest, excluding the MIL were into the topic anyway.

Last weekend we hosted a co-ed baby shower for our friend and her husband.

I would have preferred a little more interaction, but the men hung out in the garage and drank beer and smoked cigars for the majority of the afternoon.

The couple didn’t have a problem getting their own gifts for the baby, so we just left registries off the invitation. After all this is a couple that could pre-order the box set of No Man’s Sky, I don’t need to say more than that.

The couple choose the shower and the same went for the invitations which were game related, but oddly the rest of the party sort of ignored that part of the theme. Save some spare decorations it wasn’t much more than a glorified party.

When we first planned it the mom-to-be was all against baby shower games. Even hubby’s suggestion of a local tournament was met with distaste. But it is a shower so naturally games are a must at a baby shower and finding options that fit the theme and don’t suck are something that I made my personal mission. I wouldn’t say that I hate all the baby shower games but a lot of them are pretty lame.

Bingo is one of those classic BS games that gets played a lot. And allas it is easy so that is why people play it, but this time it was a little different since we made it participation through observation.

It went like this: give everyone a blank bingo card. Have them fill it out with what they think momma is going to receive. As momma is opening gifts have them mark off if they were right. Call Bingo when they have five in a row. It keeps people interested while opening gifts.

We had a another game, but it really just consisted of smashing a pinata that looked like some sort of generic game character to pieces.

There were also voluntary advice envelopes. Which simply comes down to having a bunch of small cards with envelopes.

Everyone can write a bit of advice on a card, and seal it in an envelope. On the envelope, they write when to open it. “First time baby cries for no reason,” “First time you have to leave baby with a babysitter,” etc.

But as long as there’s good food and drinks, guests don’t need to play games.

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