I Sort Of Agree

Before I continue I should say that I don’t play 1v1 any more. I still play SC2 occasionally but only the other mods, not the 1v1.

Still I find it a harsh thing to say that StarCraft 2 has fallen as an eSport.

I went in ready to hate on it, but its not actually THAT bad.

The article obviously skips out on some of the more nuanced reasons for the decilne, but I think it does a good job in hitting on the major points. Mainly, Blizzard’s lag/indecision to do much of anything. Plus the rise of MOBAs, the initial exclusion of Kespa, matchfixing scandals, and the dominance of Koreans and mis-organization of the Korean scene.

Ok sure, Sons of Starcraft did us no favours. And Quantic and LYGF weren’t great. But to an average journalist, those are small potatoes in the timeline of SC2. Even moreso to an average esports/video game fan.

Despite the click bait title, the BEST part of this article, is that it ends with uncertain optimism. That’s pretty refreshing.

But a number of games would kill to be in the position SC2 is in. Any Fighting Game Community game would absolutely love to have SC2’s tournament variety and prize pools.

That’s absolutely right! StarCraft 2 is not #1 at the moment, and that’s due to many reasons. But it’s still HUGE in the big picture.